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"Love it! RT @TotalWine: @Sobonwine, you hear that? RT @RobinEgg: #Sobon Rocky Top Zinfandel tastes like a warm hug! @TotalWine @WineTwits" over 3 years ago Details
"(finish it!) My favorite Wine on a cold rainy day is ________. #WineWednesday #WW #Wine" over 4 years ago Details
"Enjoy! RT @bradford2500: @WineTwits Tonight at wine oclock we are having Vicious Red Blend 2008 by Sobon Estates in California #wiyg" over 5 years ago Details
"@SuzieLin Me too! I still have not tried it yet... #Sauvblanc" over 5 years ago Details
"Bottling the 2009 Sobon Estate #SauvBlanc Great video by AWSProspero showing the Bottling line from them. Groovy Music" over 5 years ago Details
"Anyone tasting the Sobon Estate or Shenandoah #SauvBlanc tonight ? Love to hear about it! We are bottling the 2009 vintage this week." over 5 years ago Details
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The Big Crush - Amador Vintners Harvest Festival

October 3 - 4, 2009 @ Sobon Estate, CA $30 S/S $20 Sun

On Saturday, October 3rd and Sunday, October 4th, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., 31 member wineries of the Amador Vintners will host “The Big Crush,” the vintners’ annual Harvest Wine Festival. For two days during the heart of the grape harvest season, Amador aficionados can partake of great wine, food, music and oth... Read more added by sobonwine in Festival